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Kapil Sibal criticizes the Center for the arrest of activist Disha Ravi, says the intention is to threaten the country’s youth | India News


NEW DELHI: Congressional leader Kapil Sibal on Monday criticized the central government for the arrest of climate activist Disha Ravi in ​​connection with the ‘toolbox’ case, alleging that “the government’s intention is to threaten the youth “of the country.
“I think the whole intention of the government through this process is to threaten the youth in India. If you speak out against the government, you will be treated this way. I don’t think a tweet from a 21 year old girl can destabilize India. The country that does not fear China possibly does not fear Disha either, “Sibal told ANI.
He said that if there is a conspiracy involved, the government should also hire Swedish environmental activist Greta Thunberg and international pop star Rihanna.
“If there is a conspiracy involved, as the government says, then they should make Greta Thunberg and Rihanna the defendants as well. Why haven’t they made Greta a defendant?” I ask.
Thunberg and Rihanna had supported farmers’ agitation against farm laws. Thunberg had referred to ‘toolkit’ in a tweet that was later removed.
Sibal noted that people who read the ‘toolkit’ will realize that it is an allegation against “exploitation of the farming community, not just in India but around the world.”
“The farming community has never gotten what it deserves. That is the intent of the toolkit. I don’t find any mention of Khalistan in the ‘toolkit’,” he said.
A Delhi court on Sunday sent Disha Ravi into police custody five days after his arrest.
She was arrested for allegedly spreading a “toolkit” related to the farmers’ protest.
Disha was arrested by Delhi police on Saturday from Bengaluru. Last week, the Delhi Police sent a communication to Google requesting the registration details and the activity log of the account through which the ‘toolkit’ related to was created and uploaded to the social media platform. the farmers’ protest.

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