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J&K Manager Warns Employees Visiting Foreign Countries Without Prior Authorization | India News


J&K Manager Warns Employees Visiting Foreign Countries Without Prior Authorization | India News

JAMMU: Taking seriously note that your employees visit foreign countries in a private capacity without prior permission, the Jammu and Kashmir administration has ordered them to strictly follow the rules and has threatened to take action against violators.
In an order, the General Administration Department (GAD) said that the procedure for granting permits to government employees for private visits to foreign countries has been clearly prescribed by the administration.
“It has been provided that the station’s permission to proceed out of the country for private matters will be granted by the administrative department in the same way as permission outside the country,” said the order issued by the commissioned secretary, GAD, Manoj Kumar Dwivedi. .
In addition, the order said that the finance department in its circular of February 21, 2019, among other things, clarified that prior permission from the competent authority to leave the station would be mandatory when a government employee intends to visit. a foreign country in private capacity.
“However, it has been observed that officials / officials from various departments are proceeding to visits abroad without obtaining prior permission from the competent authority, in violation of rules / regulations, so such cases are recommended for post-facto sanction thus frustrating the purpose of an elaborate set of notified instructions / guidelines on the subject. The matter has been taken seriously by the authorities, ”says the order.
The order prompted all officials and officials working in various government departments, public sector companies, boards and commissions to strictly adhere to the instructions issued on the subject and not to undertake any visits abroad for private matters without prior approval from the government. .
“The administrative secretaries, department heads will take note of these instructions and will take appropriate measures against defaulters and will not process any case of post facto sanction,” he said.


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