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Proud Nation of the Indian Diaspora in the Gulf, Says Prime Minister Modi | India News

KOCHI: Prime Minister Narendra Modi reached out to the Indian diaspora in the Gulf on Sunday, particularly a large number of Keralites who work there, saying the country is proud of them and assured them of the full support of his government.
Referring to the plight of indigenous people languishing in the prisons of the Gulf countries, the Prime Minister, while addressing a program after inaugurating several infrastructure projects here, said that the governments of many Gulf nations in recent years had released several of these indigenous after the intervention. of your government.
“Our government will always defend those people,” Modi said.
The Prime Minister thanked the governments of various Gulf nations for their sensitive approach on this issue.
“The Gulf Kingdoms responded to my personal appeals and took special care of our community,” he said.
Recalling his previous visits to the Gulf countries, including Saudi Arabia, Qatar, the United Arab Emirates and Bahrain, the prime minister said that he had shared meals and interacted with them.
Modi said that India is proud of its diaspora in the Gulf.
He said that more than 50 lakh Indians who were stranded in foreign countries due to the Covid-19 pandemic had returned home under the ‘Vande Bharat Mission’.
“Many of them were from Kerala. It was an honor for our government to serve them at such a delicate time,” Modi said.
The prime minister said that the Gulf countries are prioritizing the return of indigenous people to the region.
“We have created air bubbles to facilitate that process. The indigenous people who work in the gulf must know that they have the full support of our government,” Modi said.

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