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Delhi Police Arrest 22-Year-Old Bangalore Girl for Sedition in Greta Case | India News


NEW DELHI / BENGALURU: Ten days after filing an FIR regarding the agricultural protest “toolkit” tweeted and subsequently removed by Swedish environmental activist Greta Thunberg, the Delhi police cyber cell arrested the climate activist from 22 year old Disha Ravi quietly on Saturday afternoon raid on his Bengaluru home.
She has been accused of sedition and illicit association, among other crimes. The daughter of an athletic trainer, she has been in police custody for five days.
“Disha Ravi, arrested by the CyPAD unit of the Delhi Police, is an editor of the Google Doc Toolkit and a key conspirator in the formulation and dissemination of documents. She founded WhatsApp Group and collaborated to make the Toolkit document. He worked closely with them to draft the document, ”Delhi police said in a statement tweeted on Sunday.
“In this process, they all collaborated with the pro-Khalistani Poetic Justice Foundation to spread discontent against the Indian state. She was the one who shared the Toolkit Doc with Greta Thunberg, ”he said.
Disha, who is a BBA from Mount Carmel College and works with a startup that promotes plant-based foods – she’s vegan – went bankrupt being produced in the Pati ala House courts on Sunday and said she had only edited two lines in the toolkit file.
The police, however, claimed in their statement that Disha’s role in putting together the toolkit was “many times longer than the two-line editing she claims.” Citing technical evidence, the police claimed that it was Disha who asked Thunberg to “delete the main document after its incriminating details accidentally fell into the public domain.”
The police seized his electronic gadgets, including his mobile phone and laptops. In addition to sedition (Section 124A of the IPC) and intent to provoke riots (Section 153), she has been accused of promoting enmity between different groups on the grounds of religion, place of birth, race and language (153A) and criminal conspiracy ( 120B).
Bengaluru police sources said there was no prior information about a five-member cyber police team arriving from Delhi to arrest Disha, one of the first members of an environmental campaign called Fridays for Future that is supported by Thunberg. .
The team, including two women, arrived at the climate activist’s residence in North Bangalore around noon on Saturday. It was not until after the climate activist was escorted to the airport at around 5pm that Delhi police informed their Bengaluru counterparts of his first arrest in the toolkit case.
“The Delhi police team arrested Disha and took her there after informing the Soladevanahalli jurisdictional police station,” Dharmender Kumar Meena, DCP (North) told TOI. Investigators are looking for two more identified suspects, Shantanu and Nikita, and raids are underway in Mumbai and a couple of other locations to arrest them, authorities said.
Disha appeared on the police radar because her IP address was listed in the toolkit’s publishers. Police had sought technical information from Google and some Internet service providers to compile the list.

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