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Congress will never implement the CAA if elected to power in Assam: Rahul Gandhi | India News


SIVASAGAR: Accusing the BJP and RSS of dividing Assam, Congressional Leader Rahul Gandhi said on Sunday that his party will protect all the principles of the Assam Agreement and will never implement the Citizenship (Amendment) Law if the state is voted in power. .
Addressing his first public demonstration in Assam ahead of the assembly elections scheduled for March-April, Gandhi said the state needs its “own chief minister” who listens to the voice of the people and not one who listens only to Nagpur and Delhi. .
“The Assam Accord has brought peace and it is the protector of the state. The workers of my party and I will protect every principle of the Accord. There will not be a single deviation from it,” he said.
Gandhi said that illegal immigration is a problem in Assam and exudes confidence that the people of the state have the ability to solve the problem through dialogue.
Claiming that the BJP and RSS are trying to divide the state on the issue of the Assam Agreement, he said: “If Assam is divided, then Prime Minister Narendra Modi or the Union Interior Minister Amit Shah will not be affected, but the people of Assam and the rest of India will be affected. ”
Speaking of the controversial CAA, the top congressional leader said that if his party comes to power in the state, the law will not be implemented under any circumstances.
All party leaders, including Gandhi, were seen wearing ‘Gamocha’ (Assamese scarf), where the word CAA was symbolically crossed, giving a message against the controversial law.
Gandhi said that Assam needs a prime minister of its “own people” who will listen to its problems and try to solve them.
“The remote control can operate a TV but not a CM. The current CM listens to Nagpur and Delhi. If Assam gets CM like this again, it will not benefit the people. Young people need CM to give them jobs. he said.
Glancing at the Prime Minister, the Union Interior Minister and “businessmen close to them”, Gandhi said: “I have come up with a new slogan for Assam: Hum do, smoke do; Assam ke liye smoke aur do, aur sab kuch loot lo. ”
He alleged that the state’s natural resources and UPMs are being “sold” to two leading businessmen in the country.
Gandhi also accused the Modi government of “looting” public money during the Covid-19 pandemic and forgoing huge amounts of loans from his “two business friends.”
He said that the congressional government under the leadership of former Prime Minister Tarun Gogoi had brought peace to Assam by ending the era of violence.

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