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Uttarakhand glacier outbreak: a mother’s frantic calls to her child saved about 25 lives | India News

DEHRADUN: Vipul Kaireni, a 27-year-old heavy-duty motor vehicle driver who worked at the NTPC hydroelectric project in Tapovan, paid no heed to his mother’s frantic calls, pleading with her to get away from the barrage, Sunday morning.
However, Mangshri Devi kept calling until he caught up with his son to tell him that he had seen a bloated Dhauliganga heading towards him. “Our town is situated on a height. My mother was working outside when the flash flood came down. If it hadn’t been for his warning, I and about two dozen of my colleagues would be dead by now, ”Kaireni said.
He said they hurried and took refuge in a ruined staircase. Kaireni, who was married two months ago, has worked in the bombing since she was seven years old.
At around 9 a.m. on Sunday, he left his village, Dhaak, in Tapovan, for the project site, now full of mud. “On a normal day we get paid 600 rupees, but we earn double that amount on Sundays. I had gone to work last Sunday to earn some extra money, “he said. At 10:35 a.m., his mother made a phone call and asked him to run.
“At first, I only heard her scream and I didn’t take it seriously. I asked him to stop joking, saying that mountains don’t just explode. He called me again and begged me to move. My mother and my wife Anita had seen the water rise 15 m above its normal height and swallow everything in its path. We all ran to the ladder and it saved our lives, ”Kaireni said.
Dhaak’s Sandeep Lal, who was also saved by Devi’s call, recounted the frantic couple of minutes. “I was inside, fixing a fault in a power line. When Vipul called, I ran, or rather flew outside. I owe my life to Vipul’s mother and I have learned never to ignore my parents’ warning, ”said Lal, an electrician. More than 100 friends of Sandeep and Vipul are missing.
“They (friends) have all been swept away. The ladder, which we used to get to safety, was full of mud when they realized the flood was coming. They couldn’t use it, ”Kaireni said. Pradhan Kishore Kaniyal from Tapovan village praised Devi’s presence of mind.

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