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SC issues arrest warrants against NGO president for failure to deposit 25 lakh rupees fine | India News


NEW DELHI: The Supreme Court has issued bail orders against the president of an NGO for failing to deposit the 25 lakh rupee cost imposed on him for filing 64 PILs over the years without any success and “repeatedly abusing” the the jurisdiction of the superior court.
A bench composed of judges SK Kaul and Hrishikesh Roy said that the petitioner-Trust and its president Rajiv Daiya were playing “ducks and ducks” with the Court.
On December 5, 2017, the high court refused to modify its previous order against the NGO Suraz India Trust for filing 64 PILs.
He had dismissed the petition filed by the NGO to modify the May 1 order of the supreme court that also prohibited the organization from filing a statement in any court across the country.
Since the costs were not deposited with the Supreme Court attorneys at Record Welfare Trust, the matter was brought back to the superior court and a notice was issued on September 29 of last year.
The higher court had ordered the NGO to disclose the petitioner’s movable and immovable property, which was not followed.
Subsequently, the president of the petitioning Trust requested that note sheets be provided on the basis of which the Registry has requested the instructions in this application.
The higher court said: “We do not appreciate the position of the petitioner-Trust as to the relevance of the note sheets, since all that was required was for him to deposit the costs, an order that has not been fulfilled. Therefore, it is clear that the petitioner Trust and Rajiv Daiya are playing ducks and dragons with the Court.
“Let arrest warrants be issued on bail for the production of Rajiv Daiya in the amount of Rs 25,000 / – with a guarantee of the same amount. The arrest warrants will be executed by the local police station and the proceedings will be carried out. virtually done, “the court said.
On May 1, 2017, the supreme court took the punitive measure and imposed a high cost on the NGO, saying that the loss of judicial time was a matter of serious concern.
The higher court had also said that such practices must be dealt with severely to avoid misuse of the courts by people “who have nothing to do, but only spew outrageous and imaginary slander.”
On 64 occasions when Suraz India Trust approached the court, it was unsuccessful, the court noted.
Referring to the details of the cases brought by the NGO and the various orders passed by the higher court, the court headed by then-Chief Justice JS Khehar said it “leaves no doubt that Suraz India Trust has repeatedly abused the jurisdiction of this court “.
On April 24, 2017, the Supreme Court criticized the NGO and its boss for wasting judicial time.
He had sent a notice to the NGO for filing 64 petitions over the years under the guise of public interest litigation and Daiya to demonstrate why he should be allowed to continue filing cases.
The higher court had provided him with a compilation of the 64 allegations presented by him in the nature of written requests and requests for review and asked him to respond to the notification.

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