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Prime Minister Wants to ‘Hand Over’ All Agricultural Business to ‘Two Friends’, Alleges Rahul | India News


JAIPUR: Congressional leader Rahul Gandhi alleged on Saturday that Prime Minister Narendra Modi wants to “hand over” the entire farm business to his “two friends.”
Addressing the farmers of Rupangarh in Rajasthan, he said that 40% of the country’s people are stakeholders in the agricultural business.
“It is the business of 40% of the people, which includes farmers, small and medium-sized entrepreneurs, merchants, workers. Narendra Modi wants to give up all this business to his two friends. That is the objective of the agricultural laws,” he said but he did. . do not name anyone.
“Narendra Modi said that he is giving options but the options are: hunger, unemployment and suicide,” he alleged.
Gandhi, dressed in a Rajasthani safa or turban, arrived at the rally site driving a tractor with Chief Minister Ashok Gehlot and the head of the state Congress, Govind Singh Dotsra, sitting with him on both sides.
The former head of Congress spoke while standing on a platform made of two tractor cars while farmers were sitting or standing on tractor cars around the platform.
AICC Secretary General Ajay Maken and former Senior Deputy Minister Sachin Pilot were also present with Gandhi.

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