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Low-income families, the women most affected by traffic accidents World Bank Report | India News


NEW DELHI: The World Bank’s first study on the socio-economic impact of road accidents in India, released Saturday, found that nearly 42% of low-income families went into debt after borrowing and three-quarters of Those families saw a sharp drop in income.
The study conducted in Uttar Pradesh, Tamil Nadu, Maharashtra and Bihar found that 30% of respondents from low-income families in Tamil Nadu sold or mortgaged their assets to overcome the loss of income and the burden of debt. In Maharashtra, 44% of those families had to borrow money for similar reasons.
The report published by the Union’s road transport minister, Nitin Gadkari, also showed how women in the family are the most affected group.
According to the study conducted by the SaveLife Foundation, which included 2,400 respondents from low- and high-income families in both urban and rural areas, it was found that up to 44% of households in rural areas reported at least one death after a car accident. traffic compared to 11.6% of homes in urban areas.
“Similarly, low-income households reported twice the deaths after the accident compared to high-income families. Victims from low-income households and rural areas are also twice as likely to suffer a disability after an accident as their counterparts from high-income households. ”
The report also said that the total average costs (direct and indirect costs combined) borne by high-income households are close to Rs 1.98 lakh after the accident was higher than the total costs borne by low-income households. (Rs 1.53 lakh). He said medical costs made up the largest share of total costs for low-income households (52% of total costs) followed by lost productivity or lost income costs (25% of total costs).

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