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Will Dinesh Trivedi join BJP? Speculations abound | India News


NEW DELHI: The Trinamool Congress suffered a further blow ahead of the Bengal elections when senior party MP Dinesh Trivedi resigned his seat in Rajya Sabha on Friday and announced it on the floor of the House. Shortly after, he handed over his resignation to Rajya Sabha Chairman and Vice Chairman Venkaiah Naidu.
Although it has not yet made it official, it is known that Trivedi is on his way to switch sides to the BJP, following in the footsteps of some of his fellow party members who have already crossed over to the saffron field. On the speculation, he told reporters: “I am trying to join me first,” without dismissing the proposal.
One of TMC’s familiar faces in Delhi, Trivedi’s departure joined a series of dramatic departures from Bengal’s Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee’s party ahead of Bengal’s elections scheduled for May. He complained that TMC was being run by “someone who does not know about politics” and no one had time to speak to him, implying that the party was led by Prashant Kishor, who has been recruited by Banerjee to plan his second election campaign. years ago.
“When the party passes into the hands of a corporate professional, he runs the party, no one has time to listen. Someone does not know the ABC of politics now, he is becoming my net (leader). So what can the party do People in such a situation? The daily fights, the daily abuse of each other, you can’t rule a country like this, “the 70-year-old man told reporters, claiming to feel relieved.
Trivedi, a former railway minister under the UPA-2 regime when TMC was part of the national alliance, was recently appointed to TMC’s Rajya Sabha, after losing his Barrackpore Lok Sabha seat to the BJP in 2019.
While TMC leaders called it “being ungrateful” on Trivedi’s part, a jubilant BJP in Kolkata quickly welcomed him to join the saffron camp.
An angry TMC lashed out at Trivedi, who had kept his distance from the party for the past two months, saying he had betrayed the party leadership and the trust of the people. TMC Rajya Sabha Deputy Leader Sukhendu Sekhar Roy said: “He is an ingrate and has betrayed the trust of the masses.”
“For the last few years he (Trivedi) didn’t say anything. Now all of a sudden, just months before the state assembly vote, you have complaints. This shows their true colors, ”said Roy. Echoing the same sentiment, Lok Sabha MP from the Sougata Roy party said, “People like Trivedi enjoy power during their tenure and leave at the time of elections. If I had grievances, I could have aired them at the party … This is unfortunate. It saddens me. It is not good that he resigned. I knew he wasn’t satisfied, but I didn’t know he would quit. ”
In announcing his resignation, Trivedi said he feels suffocated in the House because he cannot do anything about the violence that is taking place in his state, West Bengal. “If you sit here quietly and you can’t do anything, then you’d better quit and go to the land of Bengal and be with the people,” he said.
“I am grateful to my party for sending me here, but now I feel a bit suffocated. We can’t do anything and there is an atrocity (continuing). My voice of conscience is saying what Swami Vivekananda used to say: get up, wake up and don’t stop until the goal is reached, ”Trivedi said, announcing his resignation.
Trivedi was reported to have said in close circles that he would be working to make Bengal a part of the national mainstream, as the state has stepped out of it, hinting at the fact that he would be part of the ruling party in the Center.
Stunned by the events, TMC sources said, he had tweeted praise for Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s speech in Parliament on Thursday, at a time when his party leader Banerjee has been hammering away at the BJP and its leadership. . His Twitter account briefly disappeared after his resignation.

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