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Row of planes BS Koshyari: Uddhav does what Digvijaya did to Bhai Mahavir 19 years ago | India News


NEW DELHI: The denial of permission to the Governor of Maharashtra, Bhagat Singh Koshyari, for using the state aircraft to fly to Dehradun on Thursday he sparked a dispute with the BJP opponent who was seeking an apology from the Uddhav Thackeray government.
However, it is not the first time that a governor has received this treatment from a prime minister’s office (CMO).
Although the governors are constitutional heads of their respective states, they have to rely on the prime minister’s offices to use the official aircraft. Allowing governors to use the aircraft is up to the CMO’s whims and fantasies.
Maharashtra presents the latest example of this type of relationship between the respective offices of the governor and the CM. Although Koshyari’s office had requisitioned the state plane in advance, he was not only denied, but not even informed about its unavailability until the last minute.
Consequently, he boarded the plane and was told that the CMO had not granted him permission. Koshyari then took a scheduled flight to reach Dehradun.
The same predicament faced then-Madhya Pradesh Governor (MP) Bhai Mahavir more than 19 years ago at the hands of the office of former Chief Minister Digvijaya Singh.
Mahavir would be disappointed that Digvijaya Singh used the state helicopter to attend trivial and serious events, but he was not spared. The CMO would tell Raj Bhavan that Singh decided if the helicopter could be made available to the governor.
Singh’s answer to any request from the Raj Bhavan used to be “Main bataunga” (he will let you know), but the last word would not come until the last moment. Mahavir would be forced to miss official events as well as face embarrassment.
Despite Raj Bhavan submitting the request well in advance and giving repeated reminders, the CMO would keep him waiting only to finally report that the helicopter could not be saved.
Mahavir missed several events as he was informed about the unavailability of the aircraft at the last minute. He was unable to attend Madhavrao Sçindia’s funeral ceremony in Gwalior on October 4, 2001. Scindia had died in a plane crash on September 30. Singh, who was in London that day, reportedly asked his officials to take the helicopter to Delhi and keep it there.
The then Prime Minister Atal Bihari Vajpayee had attended the funeral ceremony. But Mahavir was deprived of attending the ceremony.
On a previous occasion, Mahavir had to attend two performances on the same day. However, due to the unavailability of the helicopter, he canceled the inauguration event of the Swadeshi Mela in Indore. He drove to Sultanpur in the Raisen district to open a Seva Bharti health check camp for tribal villagers.
Distressed by Digvijaya Singh’s treatment of him, Mahavir learned that he had told him that he had decided not to use the helicopter for the remaining 18 months of his tenure.
In the case of Koshyari, Raj Bhavan’s secretariat and the state government played the blame game. A statement from Raj Bhavan said that the governor’s secretariat had written to government authorities asking for permission to use the aircraft “well in advance” on February 2. He added that the CMO was also informed about it.
For its part, the Maharashtra government said that Raj Bhavan’s secretariat had been informed a day earlier by the CMO that approval for the use of the official aircraft had not been granted. He blamed Raj Bhavan officials for the misstep.
A CMO statement said the state government had taken serious notice of the matter. “The Raj Bhavan official did not confirm about the approval for the use of the official aircraft and did not plan the governor’s travel schedule. The Chief Minister has issued directives for the responsibility to be placed on the Raj Bhavan official in question after take serious knowledge of events, “said CMO Statement said.

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