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Rahul’s statements are part of the Congress-China MoU: Nadda | India News


NEW DELHI: Several BJP members reacted strongly to Rahul Gandhi’s comments against Prime Minister Modi and his claim that India had ceded territory to China and party chief JP Nadda called the indictment a new edition of Congress. ” circus “and part of the Congress-China MoU. .
“A new edition of the Congress circus today, again thanks to Rahul Gandhi. Why are you bent on falsely claiming that the disconnect is a loss for India? Is it part of the INC-China MoU? With the armed forces leading the withdrawal strategy, is this not an insult to our brave forces? ”Nadda asked in a series of tweets.
He said the record in Congress showed distrust of the military. “It is a matter of public knowledge UPA never trusted our forces and kept their hands tied, as in 2008, after the Mumbai attacks,” he added.
The BJP chief reiterated what Defense Minister Rajnath Singh said in Parliament and the Defense Ministry has also said that no Indian land was handed over. “If someone committed the sin of giving up thousands of square kilometers, it is a corrupt and cowardly dynasty that has broken the country to keep its power intact,” Nadda tweeted, sharing a press report in which an Army veteran recalled how the country relented. land to China after the 1962 war when Jawaharlal Nehru was PM.
Interior Minister G Kishan Reddy said that Rahul should ask his grandfather (Jawaharlal Nehru) who gave the territory from India to China.

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