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Protesters will not return home until a deal is reached: Tikait | India News

BAHADURGARH: BKU’s Rakesh Tikait said on Friday that farmers protesting at the Delhi borders over farm laws will not return home until a deal is reached and another union leader said they are ready to speak if the Center comes up with a proposal .
It was not immediately clear whether Tikait’s comment on a “mahapanchayat” here was a downgrade from his earlier claim that there will be no “ghar wapsi” unless the laws are withdrawn.
The government has been telling farmers’ unions to consider an option other than the total repeal of the laws.
Tikait also revealed plans by peasant leaders to hold meetings in Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s home state of Gujarat.
Tikait said the government will have to speak to the committee of farmers’ unions that is leading the agitation against the laws.
“This agitation will continue until the Government of India talks to the committee and reaches an agreement. Until then, the farmers will not return home, “he said, addressing a” mahapanchayat “organized by the” Dalal Khap 84 “near the border with Tikri.
Darshan Pal, a key leader of Samyukta Kisan Morcha, a body of farmers’ unions leading the protest, told reporters that if the government comes up with a concrete proposal, they are ready to speak.
However, Pal and Haryana BKU chief Gurnam Singh Chaduni said the government is not showing seriousness after Prime Minister Narendra Modi said they were only a “phone call away”.
“The government can say they are just a phone call away, but they should come up with a proposal. Tell us the time and the place. We are ready; we have no problem, ”Pal told reporters after the“ mahapanchayat ”.
Chaduni said: “We have been 11 times before. We are ready for talks for the twelfth time. But the government shouldn’t be making a joke when it says it is only a phone call away, we cannot see that in reality.”
Pal analyzed the comments of “andolanjeevi” of the prime minister and said: “It is a great upheaval, which is being supported by people from all over the country, but they nicknamed us anolanjeevis … they are saying those things in Parliament, this shows their lack seriously “.
“His love is not for his compatriots but for large corporations,” Pal said without naming anyone but directing his attack on the government.
Darshan Pal said the prime minister has said that the “MSP was there, is and will remain.” “But where is the MSP in Bihar, in MP?” He asked.
“In Punjab, the MSP is based on wheat and rice. There should be a legal guarantee in the MSP,” he said.
Chaduni said the government’s claims about the MSP are misleading.
“They are buying only what is necessary for the PDS,” he said.
At the beginning of his speech, Chaduni asked the government to release the farmers arrested in the wake of the violence in Delhi on January 26, saying they should not be forced to take any such trouble-making steps later on.
In his speech, Darshan Pal asked the meeting: “In Punjab, the SAD had withdrawn the support of the NDA. Haryana farmer friends, are you ready to overthrow the BJP-JJP government or not?
In his speech, Tikait alleged that Gujarat farmers were being pressured not to support the unrest.
“If someone from Gujarat wants to come here to support the unrest and if it is discovered that they are coming, the police are being sent to their homes,” he alleged, adding that they will hold meetings in Gujarat and other states.
Tikait also said that the “business against hunger” will not be allowed and those who wish will be “expelled” from the country.
Attacking agricultural laws, he claimed that they will lead to the dismantling of the minimum support price (MSP) and the exploitation of farmers, from whom large companies will obtain their products at cheaper prices and then store them in batches.
Large galleries will be built, entrenched on lines similar to those near the protest sites on the Delhi borders, he said.
Without naming anyone, he said attempts have been made to divide the farmers’ uproar.
“They tried to divide us on the lines of Punjab and Haryana, then small and large farmers,” he said.
“We have said that the three laws are not acceptable to farmers and should be reversed. But how are they going to get them back when the godowns were first built and then the laws were formulated? “, He said.
“They did business of temple, religion and feelings. Now they want to do business with hunger, ”Tikait claimed.

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