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Agricultural laws will not reform, but will distort agricultural markets, there are bigger intermediaries to dominate them: Yogendra Yadav | India News


NEW DELHI: The leader of Swaraj India and one of the key members of the decision-making body of farmers unions Samyukta Kisan Morcha (SKM), Yogendra Yadav, said on Thursday that the three central agricultural laws would not reform the agricultural market but that would deform it. where the influence of intermediaries would not be diluted, as it would eventually allow larger intermediaries to enter it.
He was reacting to an old video, which appeared on social media, where he sought to suggest that the government should regulate agricultural markets in a better way to get rid of middlemen.
Yadav alleged that the video was being distributed by trolls, aligned with the BJP, showing it as if it had now turned 180 degrees. He claimed that the decision to make a video clip viral was intended to send a message that the agricultural movement is baseless, as core farm laws have already addressed farmers’ concerns.
“Currently, there are seven layers between farmers (producers) and consumers. Those layers need to be reduced. The government will have to better regulate the market somewhere. Today, farmers are the ones who suffer the most. That system must end, ”Yadav was heard saying in the video, recorded in 2018. He had also said that there should be some outlet where farmers can directly access the market.
Noting that the video was circulating as if core farm laws were meant to address those issues, Yadav said Thursday that he stood up for what he had said more than two years ago. “In fact, there are ‘arhtiyas’ (middlemen), traders, wholesalers, stockists, etc. as different layers between farmers and consumers. It affects both farmers and consumers. The government should regulate the agricultural market in a better way and make an agricultural export and import policy in a way that benefits the farmers, ”Yadav said.
He said that, however, the influence of stockists and exporters would be reinforced by the new central agricultural laws that would distort agricultural markets.
Yadav also criticized congressional deputy Ravneet Singh Bittu for his comments in which, while speaking at the Lok Sabha on Tuesday, he accused him of inciting farmers that led to violence on Republic Day.
Yadav said he had already responded to the Delhi Police Demonstration Cause Notice on the issue of the riots on January 26 and demanded that the police make public any evidence they could gather to prove their involvement, if any, in those incidents.

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