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The way to fight warming is through climate justice: Modi | India News


NEW DELHI: In the context of the Uttarakhand disaster, Prime Minister Narendra Modi said on Wednesday that improving disaster management capacities was one of the areas that needed attention and could be achieved through human resource development and technology. He said: “The way to fight climate change is through climate justice …”
“The sad reality is that changes in the environment and natural disasters impact the poor the most,” said the prime minister as he virtually inaugurated the World Summit on Sustainable Development (WSDS), an annual event organized by the Institute. of Energy and Resources based in New Delhi. (TERI).
Underlining the need for economic development in countries that lagged behind on this journey, he added, “Climate justice is inspired by a vision of fiduciary administration, where growth comes with greater compassion for the poorest …” Although the prime minister did not go into details, said the country was working in the direction of improving its disaster management capabilities as part of the Coalition for Disaster Resilient Infrastructure, an intergovernmental body, conceived by India, to make countries resilient in the face of to the disastrous consequences of climate change.
The Prime Minister said: “On the path of climate justice is the principle of being generous.”

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