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SC refuses to admit a claim about preventing the sale of fake Covid-19 vaccines | India News


NEW DELHI: The Supreme Court on Thursday declined to consider a petition asking the Center for instructions to frame “strict” guidelines to prevent any possibility of the sale of fake coronavirus vaccines in the country.
A bank made up of Supreme Court Chief Justice SA Bobde and Justices AS Bopanna and V Ramasubramanian said that while it understood the “motivation” behind the PIL presentation, it cannot approve general instructions.
“We understand his motivation, but he presents a specific case. We cannot give general instructions. We are not the legislature,” the magistrate told lawyer Vishal Tiwari, who presented the statement in a personal capacity.
“If you (lawyer) want to persist on this issue, make a case with concrete facts. We will allow you to withdraw freely to present it again,” said the magistrate at the hearing held via videoconference.
Tiwari then decided to withdraw the statement that was submitted prior to the launch of the vaccines and had referred to the INTERPOL Secretary General’s statement that criminal organizations had been planning to infiltrate or disrupt supply chains.
The statement said that the INTERPOL official also issued a global alert to the law enforcement agencies of 194 member countries warning them to prepare for organized crime networks that target Covid-19 vaccines, both physically and online.
“Issue written instructions to the respondent (Center) to issue strict guidelines and regulations under the Disaster Management Act or any other law by setting up a special committee to prevent the possibilities of sale / circulation and advertising of the fake and forged Corona vaccine by any organization, company, online applications, “he had said.
He had also sought instructions for government agencies to run a citizen safety awareness program against the danger of the fake corona vaccine.
“Direct the Defendant (Center) to enact a strict law against the criminal act committed by selling or circulating the counterfeit corona vaccine by any organization or individual,” it had said.

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