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SC cautious, seeks an ecological study to collect stones from the river bed | India News


NEW DELHI: In the wake of the devastation and loss of life due to the recent flash flooding on the Dhauliganga River in Uttarakhand, the Supreme Court on Wednesday was extremely cautious on green-light activities such as picking up stones and boulders from the river bed , considered above. Routine contractual exercises.
The case concerned a successful tender to collect boulders and stones from a river bed near the Rohtang Pass, tenders for which they are routinely floated during the lean flow season to reduce obstacles preventing river flow and consequent damage to the banks during the monsoon. .
A bank headed by CJI SA Bobde said: “Removing sand and stones from the river bed has created big problems in Kerala and created islands in the middle of the rivers. Who says it won’t have any adverse impact? ”
Lawyer ADN Rao, friend of the court in the green matters, informed the bank that these areas in Himachal Pradesh were prone to landslides and rocks often fell from the mountains and blocked the flow of the river. However, it clarified that the bidder, Paras Stone, obtained environmental authorization from the Ministry of Environment and Forests. Himachal government attorney Ashok Sharma told the court that the removal of stones and boulders from the area in question would be done in strict accordance with environmental rules and regulations.
The bank said the presence of stones and boulders in the river bed and their impact on the river needed to be comprehensively examined. “We consider it imperative that the MoEF carry out an environmental impact assessment of the proposal (to collect stones and boulders from the riverbed) and examine whether it will have any adverse impacts now or in the future. The cost of the EIA will be borne by the requesting contractor, ”he said.

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