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Relentless in improving border infrastructure: PM | India News


NEW DELHI: Amid the confirmation of the withdrawal of troops in Ladakh, Prime Minister Narendra Modi said at the Lok Sabha on Wednesday that the armed forces would ensure that India’s prestige is never compromised.
He also stated that efforts to improve border infrastructure will not cease. “Our defense forces are fulfilling their responsibility to protect our border. The nation is proud of its jaws, ”said the prime minister, praising the soldiers for their bravery, strength and sacrifice.
‘Jawans did homework in adverse conditions’
Prime Minister Narendra Modi said the country had to face various difficulties, but the Jawans were vigilant and did not disappoint.
“They performed their duties under adverse conditions and we are very proud of them,” he said.
Hitting Congress for “ignoring” border infrastructure, the Prime Minister said it was a long time that no attention was paid in this direction. “Once, a defense minister said that the border infrastructure was not being developed as it could be used by enemy countries,” Modi said. The Prime Minister further stated that 75 bridges were being built on the Royal Line of Control and that more than 75% of the infrastructure development work had already been completed.
Responding to the motion of thanks in the president’s speech, the prime minister said that Rashtrapatiji’s speech showed the country’s “sankalp shakti”. “His words have fostered the spirit of trust among the people of the country.”

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