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Rahul Gandhi’s ‘Hum do, humare do’ mocks the government about ‘crony capitalism’ | India News


NEW DELHI: Rahul Gandhi, during a 2021 budget discussion at the Lok sabha on Thursday, accused the government of crony capitalism.
Reinterpreting the slogan ‘Hum do, humare do’, once used in the government’s family planning campaigns, the congressional leader said that the NDA government only guarantees the well-being of a few rich people close to those who are in the power.
“This ‘hum do humare do’ started with Notebandi. Then came GST. Then came Covid. Migrant workers asked for a bus or train ticket to go home, but were told to walk back.” he said.
Amid disruptions from the treasury banks, President Om Birla asked Rahul Gandhi to limit his discussions to the Union budget. Rahul agreed and said that he is just laying the groundwork before speaking on Budget.
“The three new agricultural laws will take land away from farmers, and India will soon see people starve to death,” he said.
“Do not confuse this with a farmers movement, they are just the torch bearers. This is a movement of the common people. They will force you to withdraw,” he said.

But then, around the same time, he announced that he will not speak on Budget but only on farmer issues. He then called on the House to remain silent for a minute to recall those who had lost their lives during the farmers’ protest.
Spokesperson Om Birla opposed this and asked members to take their seats. He asked members to submit in writing, in advance, if anyone wanted a similar observation within the House.

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