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Modi’s government should resign if BJP does not prove TMC diverted core funds: Mamata Banerjee | India News


CALCUTTA: West Bengal Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee on Thursday challenged the BJP to prove its claim that her party, the Trinamool Congress, had misappropriated funds sent by the Center or the Narendra Modi government should resign.
Addressing a program of NGOs and civil society organizations in Kolkata, the supreme of TMC stated that the language used by the BJP leader, Amit Shah, who is currently visiting the state, smells of arrogance and does not correspond to a minister of the interior of the Union.
“The BJP often says that TMC is corrupt, that TMC diverted money. It is not Modi money. It is sent by one government to another. Then it should not collect taxes from the state and there will be no need to return it. If you cannot prove the prosecution, he will have to resign, “Banerjee said.
“He continually attacks us with pishi-bhaipo (aunt and nephew) taunts. What about his son, Mr. Shah? Where did he get so much money?” she said.
He said Shah has come to West Bengal to talk about the Citizenship Amendment Act (CAA), but will not allow it to be implemented in the state.
“We always welcome everyone to West Bengal. But the statements made by Amit Shah today are below the belt and speak of hunger for power. I say it very clearly, those words from the interior minister do not look good,” Banerjee said , without elaborating.
The TMC chief said he will not utter a word that violates decorum.
“All political parties must maintain dignity. Courtesy cannot be one-sided. It has to be both ways,” he said.
The prime minister accused the BJP of spreading fake news and videos on social media to mislead people.
“After plundering farmers, after not allowing me to practice my religion, after making riots, do you want Bengal? I will not bow down to these people,” he said, attacking the saffron party.
The chief minister said vandalism is rampant in states like UP, Rajasthan and Haryana, but that she will not allow it in West Bengal.
“Let Bengal live in peace. The BJP must not be allowed to come to power in the state. I appeal to everyone to protect the honor of Bengal,” he said.
The assembly election must be held in the state from April to May.
“I am a street fighter. I will fight to the end,” Banerjee said, adding that she is not afraid of the BJP.
“Let’s play a fair game. The Left and Congress can be on your (BJP) team and we will fight alone. I’ll just be a goalkeeper and see how many goals you can score,” said the TMC coach.
Banerjee claimed that the people of neighboring Tripura are regretting having voted for the saffron party to power.
Farmers and Adivasis are under attack in BJP-ruled states, the prime minister alleged while speaking on the NGO show.
“The BJP has canceled the licenses of several NGOs after coming to power and stopped funding only because their views were different from the party. I will ask all NGOs, religious and self-help groups to save the pride of Bengal, to save the Bengal. culture, “he said.

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