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‘Hum Do, Humare Do’ runs the country, monopolizes agriculture and destroys the rural economy, says Rahul Gandhi in Lok Sabha | India News


NEW DELHI: Lok Sabha witnessed scandalous scenes Thursday night as Congressman Rahul Gandhi tried to respond to Prime Minister Modi’s mockery a day before the opposition was commenting on the color of the three farm laws but not on its “content and intent”, saying the laws were only intended to help the “corporate friends” of the government.
In a 15-minute speech amid strident protests from treasury banks who insisted he should talk about the budget, Rahul alleged that the Modi government was following the decades-long slogan “Hum Do, Smoke Do” popularized during the show. national family planning program to promote “two corporate friends” who are constantly taking over India’s 40 lakh crore farm business and putting farmers, small traders and laborers out of work.
Farm laws were discussed as part of the motion of thanks to the president’s speech, and BJP members insisted that he speak about the budget. While he did not name the companies, Rahul said everyone knew the “four people who run the country,” adding that the intent of the three farm laws was to ensure that all food grain purchases and storage in the country are monopolized by two companies. entities. Farmers, small merchants and workers would be deprived of their rights to move to court when their right is denied. He also claimed that the new agricultural laws will end the ‘mandi’ system, destroy India’s food security, damage the rural economy and hamper India’s ability to produce jobs.
“The intention of these three laws is to allow industrialists to buy unlimited quantities of food grains and accumulate them as much as they want… The Prime Minister said that he has given options. Yes, you have given three options; hunger, unemployment, suicide. These are the three options he has given, ”Gandhi said.
Despite interventions by Parliamentary Affairs Minister Pralhad Joshi to discuss the budget, Gandhi said he will only speak on the issue of farmers, as the government rejected the opposition’s request for a separate and structured debate on the farmers problems.
The former head of Congress added that the ‘andolan’ led by the farmers would show the way to the rest of the country to rise up against the ‘Hum do Humare Do’ culture and with the farmers without backing down an inch, the government would be forced to repeal laws.
He also urged congressional, TMC and DMK parliamentarians to observe two minutes of silence to mourn the alleged deaths of 200 farmers during the ongoing farmer protests, claiming that he was paying his respects when the government failed in its duty to do so. President Om Birla, however, was not impressed, saying that running the House was his responsibility and that the conduct of a high-ranking member of the House was “inappropriate.”
Speaking on behalf of the government, MoS Finance Anurag Thakur alleged that Rahul spoke about farm laws because he was not prepared to speak about the budget. He said Gandhi spent little time in the House and in India, adding that it was the Congressional family that had practiced the slogan ‘Hum Do, Smoke Do’ in spirit, allowing one family to corner all profits during the regime of the Congress.
Thakur also said that although Gandhi claimed to be speaking on behalf of the poor, it was Prime Minister Modi who brought tangible development to the lives of the country’s poor. “The Budget shows a hope: a hope to build a new India, a hope for a stronger India, a hope to build Aatmanirbhar Bharat and I would like to thank the Minister of Finance because this will lead the way to make India an economy and manufacture. power, ”Thakur said.
In his counterattack against Gandhi, Thakur also claimed that the mandi system or the Minimum Support Price system would be dismantled, arguing that both had been strengthened under Modi. “We have made sure that even at the time of an unprecedented crisis, the reforms that we have brought in have not been curtailed,” he said.

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