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Tigress Avni: SC Seeks Maharashtra Government Response on Reward Claims | India News


NEW DELHI: On Wednesday, the Supreme Court sought a response from the Maharashtra government in a statement alleging that the tigress Avni, shot and killed by a civilian hunter in Ralegaon in November 2018, was not a man-eater.
The higher court also demanded answers on the aspect of the reward awarded for killing the animal.
A bank headed by Chief Justice SA Bobde and made up of Justices AS Bopanna and V. Ramasubramanian decided to examine a statement by activist Sangeeta Dogra and asked her to prove her claim that no human remains were found in the animal’s autopsy. .
Avni the tigress is believed to have killed 13 villagers, and in November 2018 she was shot dead by a team of Forest Department officials and a civilian hunter near the village of Borati in Yavatmal.
Avni, also known officially as T1, was killed after a massive hunt involving 200 Calvin Klein paragliders, infrared cameras and fragrances.
The incident occurred after three months, the Supreme Court allowed the authorities to shoot the animal, if the tranquilizers did not work. Dogra moved to the higher court seeking action against those involved in the slaughter of the animal.
The petitioner alleged to the court that no human remains were found in the animal’s autopsy. The bank also asked the petitioner, how could the subsequent report establish that the animal was a man-eater or not? Dogra replied that a man-eater would have nails and hair in his gut for six months, but his stomach was empty.
Dogra argued that the hunters were also illegally rewarded for killing her. The bank noted that authorities disobeyed orders that they will not reward anyone who kills (the tigress). The bank said it will issue a notice on the matter, as the reward was a clear violation.
Dogra alleged that state authorities organized a function after the hunt, during which a silver idol of a tigress was presented to the civilian hunter.
The incident sparked outrage among wildlife activists, who asked why no efforts were made to reassure Avni, but instead she was killed in cold blood. After a hearing on the matter, the high court sought a response from the Maharashtra government and its forestry authorities on Dogra’s request.

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