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SC warns of arrest for marriage vow | India News


NEW DELHI: Marriages can be made in heaven, but it was fear of arrest on rape charges that made a higher caste Jat Sikh man fulfill his promise to marry a Timed Caste woman after trying to escape by citing the caste of the woman.
Kanwarbir Singh fell in love with a Dalit woman and took her to a gurdwara where he promised to marry her. After the promise, they stayed in hotels and had a sexual relationship. Later, the man despised the woman and said that her parents opposed the marriage because she belonged to the Programmed Caste community. The woman, who worked in Australia, filed an FIR at the NRI police station in Amritsar, accusing Singh of raping her with the promise of marriage. Fearing arrest, the man moved to Punjab and Haryana HC in search of early bail. The HC refused to grant relief.
Singh moved to SC seeking advance bond. Seeing that the chances of obtaining relief were grim, the man agreed to marry the woman within six months and presented the agreement to an SC bench with Chief Justice SA Bobde and Justices AS Bopanna and V Ramasubramanian.
When Singh’s lawyer, Shakti Paul Sharma, informed the court of the compromise, the court asked: “How is it that all of a sudden the caste problem has disappeared? Is the agreement asham and freeze prosecution? Will the problem reappear once the indictment is dropped? “” Since she agreed to marry, we will postpone her arrest. If you don’t marry her, we will send you back to jail, “it read.

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