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SC relaxes HC’s ‘full’ gag on Kerala activist | India News


NEW DELHI: The Supreme Court relaxed the ‘full’ gag order passed against controversial activist Rehana Fathmi by the Kerala High Court on Thursday, but allowed the restraining order to continue so that she will not make, share or comment that may affect the religious. feelings of any community.
Agreeing to hear his argument against the HC gag order, a bank headed by Judge RF Nariman issued a notice on his appeal and upheld one of the HC conditions according to which he was prevented from expressing his views in any way to through any medium. The court said the condition amounted to a total gag order and suspended it.
The HC, when imposing conditions of release on bail in a case filed against her for hurting religious feelings, had said on November 23: “Until the trial is over, the accused may not, directly, indirectly or through any other person , publish, transmit, share, upload or disseminate or publish any material or any of your comments through any visual and electronic means, open to the public. ”The superior court maintained this condition.
The Supreme Court, however, said that the other condition imposed by the HC will continue. The other condition, imposed by HC, said: “You may not, directly or indirectly, or through any other person, through printed, visual or other electronic means, make, share, forward, disseminate or propagate any comment that may affect or have the propensity to affect the religious feelings or sentiments of any community or group in society. ”

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