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PDP MP Praises Center for Development Schemes at J&K | India News


NEW DELHI: While PDP chief Mehbooba Mufti has fiercely criticized the government of Narendra Modi, her party’s MP, Mir Mohammad Fayaz, who is about to withdraw from the Rajya Sabha, praised the Center on Tuesday for carrying schemes development agencies such as the Ujjwala J&K scheme and also thanked Union ministers for paying attention to “issues relating to our state.”
In his farewell speech at Rajya Sabha, Fayaz referred to Ujjwala and other schemes at J&K, adding that good work should be recognized. “Whether in Ujjwala or any other scheme, when I was the chairman of a committee, we were only allocated 5 lakh rupees in one year. Today our people claim that they receive 5 million rupees from the government. Ujjwala has provided gas to our women, who used to draw firewood from the forest, ”she said.
The PDP deputy praised the late Finance Minister Arun Jaitley, Commerce Minister Piyush Goyal, former Health Minister JP Nadda, MoS PMO Jitendra Singh and recounted how they had extended their support to Jammu and Kashmir every time he approached them. to ask for help.
“Here Piyush Ji is there, Jaitley Sahab was here, Nadda Sahab was here, Jitendra Ji is there, Pradhan Ji is there. Whenever we went to them with questions about our status, they never said no. If there was a problem, it was from people like the bureaucrats sitting in my state. From here they have not said no to anything, “he shared with his fellow deputies.
Earlier, Prime Minister Modi had praised Fayaz for his passion for the progress of Jammu and Kashmir.
Later, Fayaz posted a tweet thanking Prime Minister Modi. “Thank you Hon’ble PM arenarendramodi Hee for your kind words. As I mentioned in my farewell address, my journey as a ward member to the Rajya Sabha member enlightened me with various complexities of life. This is how life goes. I promise to continue my work for the good of the people, ”he tweeted.

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