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Forced to leave Lok Sabha because Prime Minister said nothing to satisfy concerns about farm laws: Congress | India News


NEW DELHI: After its members left Lok Sabha during Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s speech, Congress said Wednesday that its leaders were forced to do so because the prime minister said nothing to satisfy their concerns about farm laws.
“We think the prime minister will talk about some important steps for the well-being of farmers. More than 206 farmers have lost their lives, but the prime minister is unwilling to say anything about it,” said the congressional leader in Lok Sabha Adhir. Ranjan Chowdhury. told reporters outside Parliament.
When the prime minister defended the three agricultural laws during his response to the debate on the motion of thanks to the president for his speech, members of the opposition, including Chowdhury, repeatedly interrupted his speech.
The prime minister claimed that the uproar and disruption attempts were part of a well-planned strategy to ensure that the truth does not come to light. He said that the new laws only offer a “choice” to farmers and that existing systems will remain, so there was no reason to oppose them. He said reforms are needed in all areas for the progress of society.
Prime Minister Modi said Congress and other parties have not identified the provisions they find problematic, after which members of Congress raised slogans demanding the repeal of the laws and left the House.
“He was talking about what his government has done for the farmers and in that he also said that the agricultural laws would benefit some people … But I said why they bring a law that is not beneficial for everyone. You say that everything is OK, if so, what is the need to implement the laws? ”Chowdhury said.
He is the prime minister of all and all farmers want these agricultural laws withdrawn, said the leader of Congress.
“Six cards – REPEAL. You already said it can be suspended for 18 months, so if you can suspend it for 18 months, why can’t it be withdrawn?” He asked.
The congressional leader said the laws should be withdrawn and new laws should be introduced only after thorough consultation with farmers.
“We are not opposed just to do it, we are opposed because we can’t see farmers in a state like this. What kind of country are you building where nails are driven into the ground, barbed wire is placed near farm sites? protest?” he said, criticizing the government.
“We thought the prime minister will take note of what we are saying and say something to satisfy our concerns (about the farm laws), but nothing of that kind happened, so we were forced to leave,” he said.
As members of Congress, including Rahul Gandhi, left the House in the middle of his speech, Prime Minister Modi attacked the opposition party.
“The condition of the Congress party, a very old party that ruled the country for about six decades, has become such that its Rajya Sabha unit is moving in one direction while the Lok Sabha unit is moving in another direction,” Modi said. .
Such a “divided” and “confused” party cannot do any good by itself nor can it think of any solution to the country’s problems, the prime minister said.

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