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Farmers Announce Series of Programs, Hoping Government Will Create an Enabling Environment Before Next Round of Talks | India News


AMRITSAR: By announcing a series of programs, Sayunkat Kisan Morcha (SKM) leaders have called on the government to create an environment conducive to accepting some of their demands before the 12th round of talks, even as they have denied receiving any invitations to talks. of the government.
While speaking with TOI after attending an SKM meeting on Wednesday, Zamhauri State President Kisan Sabha Satnam Singh Ajnala said SKM has decided to close all toll plazas in Rajasthan on February 12 and plans to hold a march of candles to pay tribute to the martyrs of the Pulwama attack and the farmers who died during their upheaval on February 14. On February 16, farmers will celebrate Sir Chotu Ram Jayanti and on February 18, farmers will observe a nationwide rail roko from 12 to 16 hours.
He said that farmers ‘leaders were of the opinion that Prime Minister Narendra Modi should initiate a dialogue with farmers’ leaders himself, since Agriculture Minister Narendra Singh Tomar allegedly did not even understand the issues.
He said that (farmer leaders) also hoped the government would at least make a specific law on the Minimum Livelihood Price (MSP) and announce the same before the next meeting.
“This will be a big step by the Modi government to win the hearts of the farmers and gain their trust before the next round of discussions with the government,” Ajnala said, adding that the government should also consider his demand to end the punishment. by burning stubble and farmers objections to the 2020 Electricity (Amendment) Bill before holding a meeting with SKM leaders to discuss the controversial three laws.
While he denied that SKM leaders had received a written invitation for the next round of talks, he said that “an official invitation is still awaited.”
In response to the proposal of few peasant leaders to contemplate the proposal of the Center government to suspend the three laws for a year and a half and constitute a committee to reflect on different aspects of the three agricultural laws, he said: “A death sentence is a death sentence, whether passed now or later, we want a complete repeal of all three laws, ”he said.
On the other hand, the leader of the Kisan Mazdur Sangarash Committee, Gurbachan Singh Chaba, said that his organization was not at all in favor of even contemplating the government’s proposal for a temporary suspension of agricultural laws.
“The farmers are in chardi kalan, our morcha is gaining strength with each passing day and the government has realized our power and is trying to seduce us with offers, but we will not settle for anything less than the total repeal of three laws “, said.
Meanwhile, farmers under the banner of the Sangarash Committee of the Border Area burned the effigy of Narendra Modi over his mockery ‘andolanjivi’. “Modi has humiliated our struggle and should have avoided using that language,” said Committee leader Rattan Singh Randhawa.

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