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Delhi Court to Deliver Verdict in MJ Akbar’s Defamation Case Against Journalist Priya Ramani on February 17 | India News


NEW DELHI: The Rouse Avenue Court in Delhi on Wednesday postponed the hearing until February 17 in the criminal defamation case brought against journalist Priya Ramani by former Union Minister MJ Akbar.
The court, which was scheduled to pronounce the ruling today, will now deliver the verdict in the case on February 17.
Recently, the court kept the judgment confidential after both parties concluded final arguments in the matter.
Defending her case, Ramani’s attorney and lead defender, Rebecca John, urged the court to acquit her client, while Akbar’s attorney and lead defender, Geeta Luthra, emphasized that Akbar’s image was tarnished due to the accusation made. by Ramani.
Lead attorney John told the court that Ramani’s Twitter account was deactivated and can be activated at the court’s direction. Lead attorney John also challenged the plaintiff for failing to submit a single request to direct her client to reactivate her Twitter account.
Lead defender Luthra said that if Ramani makes a defamatory statement after so many years, then it is his responsibility to prove the truth.
MJ Akbar, while advancing his final argument, had questioned journalist Priya Ramani and said that she had destroyed evidence in the defamation case against her by deleting her Twitter account, which is a crime.
MJ Akbar, a former Minister of State for Foreign Affairs, had filed a libel suit against journalist Priya Ramani for accusing him of sexual misconduct.
Ramani was the first woman to accuse Akbar of sexual harassment during the #MeToo campaign. The accusations leveled against him forced him to resign from the Union Cabinet on October 17, 2018.

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