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Rakesh Tikait: Why not a law that guarantees the MSP ?, ask Modi agricultural nets | India News


GHAZIABAD / BATHINDA: Farmer leaders reacted on Monday to Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s claim that the Minimum Support Price (MSP) would continue in place by calling on the government which prevented him from enacting a law to make the MSP legally binding and extend it to 23 crops according to the Swaminathan formula.
Rakesh Tikait, from Bharatiya Kisan Union, accused the Center of “confusing people” with his statement that the MSP will continue to exist and said: “If it’s that simple, why doesn’t the government enact a law guaranteeing the MSP? ? After all, this is one of our demands. “” We never said the MSP would be eliminated. But there is also no law that makes it legally binding on the government. In the absence of a guaranteed MSP, influential traders are looting farmers. We will not allow people to do business when we are hungry, “he added.
The BKU leader also tried to counter government accusations that many political parties were using the unrest as a platform. “The politicians and their parties support the peasant movement. But here they do not seek votes nor are they allowed to make political statements ”. Tikait asked.
Samyukta Kisan Morcha reacted to PM’s reference to ‘andolanjeevi’ to the farmers ‘leaders, saying that they would like to remind him that it was the’ andolans ‘(upheavals) who had liberated India from colonial rule and that they were’ proud to be andolanjivi ”. Senior agricultural leader Darshan Pal told TOI: “The prime minister is indulging himself with words alone. If the government is really concerned about ending the agricultural protest, it should come up with a new farmer-oriented proposal and create an atmosphere that is pleasant for talks. ”

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