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Parliamentary panel halts DoT due to delays in the implementation of 5G technology | India News


NEW DELHI: The Standing Parliamentary Information Technology Committee has detained the Department of Telecommunications for delaying the launch of 5G services in India when several countries have already implemented the technology.
In its report on “ India’s readiness for 5G ”, the House panel led by Shashi Tharoor has said that TRAI informed it that, globally, 118 operators in 59 countries have deployed the 5G network. In contrast, while DoT’s 5G High-Level Forum delivered its report to the government in August 2018, the Cellular Operators Association of India (COAI) said that “minimal implementation instructions have been issued so far.”
“The spectrum issues that are at the heart of 5G have yet to be resolved. TSPs have stated that spectrum bands for 5G have yet to be identified and made available to them. The current reserve price of spectrum is one of the highest in the world, which should be rationalized taking into account per capita income and reserve price benchmarks of other countries. TSPs have submitted 5G trial requests in the month January 2020, however, to date, the guidelines for the trials have not been clarified and there is no set date for the start of these trials, ”said the report, released at Lok Sabha on Monday.
The house panel also said that the government has not done “enough preparatory work” to launch 5G services in India. “As such, India has not passed the modest initial stage compared to other countries in the world,” the committee said.
The DoT also received criticism from the committee for what appears to be a trend of delayed implementation of the technology. The committee noted that while 2G was implemented globally in 1991, in India it was implemented in 1995. Similarly, 3G was implemented globally in 1998, but in India a decade later and 4G was launched in India 7 years after its global launch in 2008.
“This reflects very badly in our planning and execution. Now when many countries are moving rapidly towards 5G technology, India is likely to witness its implementation only by late 2021 or early 2022, that’s too partially, “the committee said, expressing disappointment with the DoT over not having learned from past delays.

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