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Twitter communicates with the government about the air conditioning block | India News


NEW DELHI: Faced with a warning of the arrest of its employees and a criminal action, the American social media giant Twitter has finally contacted the government and IT minister Ravi shankar Prasad for talks on the latter’s demand to block 257 accounts for the use of the hashtag #ModiPlanningFarmerGenocide regarding the farmers’ protest.
Perhaps concerned about the possibility of arrest of its employees under Section 69A (3) of the TI Act for breach of government order (which carries a jail sentence of up to seven years), the microblogging giant It said it has started talks to discuss concerns raised by the IT ministry. “The safety of our employees is a top priority. We remain committed to the government from a position of respect and we have approached the minister for a formal dialogue, “a Twitter spokesperson told TOI.

The spokesperson said that an acknowledgment of receipt of the notification of non-compliance has also been formally communicated to the government, just as a review of the orders of the Ministry of Information Technology (on locking the handles) began.
“We review all reports that we receive from the government as quickly as possible and take appropriate action with respect to such reports while ensuring that we remain steadfast in our core values,” the firm said.
The company has also shared an update with the government. “We firmly believe that the free and open exchange of information has a positive global impact and that tweets must continue to flow,” the spokesperson said.
The company has been cornered over the issue of tweets related to farmers’ agitation against proposed changes to farm laws, as the government has ordered it to block around 257 accounts that posted posts on the platform with the hashtag # ModiPlanningFarmerGenocide.
While the company had first ‘held’ (locked) the accounts after the IT ministry request, it soon unlocked them (referred to as ‘not held’ by the company) in the name of “freedom of expression” and because it found the content “newsworthy”.
This angered the IT ministry which not only threatened to take action against Twitter and its Indian officials, but also sent out a new list of 1,178 identifiers it sought to block, allegedly for being endorsed by Khalistan or Pakistani supporters and operating from abroad. territories.
Twitter has said that when it receives a request to block a particular identifier, it reviews it under “Twitter Rules and local law.” “If the content violates Twitter rules, the content will be removed. If it is found to be illegal in a particular jurisdiction, but does not violate Twitter’s rules, we may deny access to content on location only. Our goal is to respect local laws while protecting our principles of free speech, ”the firm said.
The Ministry of Information Technology warned the firm to comply with its instructions, since they have been given taking into account public order and in order to dissipate tensions and hatred.

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