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MSP is there, it was there, it will stay in the future: PM Modi in Rajya Sabha on agricultural laws | India News


NEW DELHI: Prime Minister Narendra Modi defended his government’s three agricultural laws on Monday, reiterating that the minimum support price (MSP) for agricultural products “is there, it was there and it would remain in the future.”
In response to the motion of thanks in the president’s speech in Rajya Sabha, the prime minister said that everyone in Parliament spoke about the farmers’ protest, but did not speak about the reason for the protest. He quoted former Prime Minister Chaudhary Charan Singh as saying that it is necessary to keep small farmers at the center of our policies. “This would be the best tribute for him,” he said.
He said farm loan exemptions do not benefit small farmers. “I would like to acknowledge the contribution of (former Prime Minister) Deve Gowda in discussions related to agriculture in the house. Your words have added great perspective to the debate. He himself has a strong association with the agricultural sector, ”he said.
Modi said that after 2014, the BJP-led NDA government expanded the scope of crop insurance to include smallholders and keep them at the center of all policies and schemes. All previous governments have talked about agricultural reforms and all agree on the need to reform agriculture.
However, he said he was surprised by the reversal of many. “Politics is so prevalent that people forget their own views,” he said.
Prime Minister Modi also quoted his predecessor Manmohan Singh on agricultural reforms and told congressional leaders that they should be proud of what he was doing.
He said that apprehensions about something new were very normal. But there are problems in agriculture despite the record production.
Modi called on all parties to come together to reform agriculture. He said the Union agriculture minister, Narendra Singh Tomar, has been speaking with farmers. He also said that protesting was a right of farmers, but asked them to take the elderly away.
The prime minister called on the farmers to end their agitation and said that the government was ready to talk to them and that all options were open.
He investigated a section of regular protesters and said that a new jamaat of ‘Andolanjeevi’ has emerged in India and is present at every protest. The country needs to identify them, he said.
He also warned everyone and said that it was necessary to save the country from the new FDI: “destructive foreign ideology.”
Modi extolled the Sikhs and their contribution to nation building. “This country is proud of all Sikhs. What have they not done for this country? The respect we give them will always be less. I have been fortunate to spend crucial years of my life in Punjab. The language used by some for them and the attempts to deceive them will never benefit the nation, ”he said.
He said this in reference to the protesters, most of whom are from Sikhs in Punjab and Haryana.
The Prime Minister reported that since 2014 the government has initiated changes in the agricultural sector with the aim of empowering the farmer. The crop insurance plan was modified to make it more farmer-friendly. The PM-KISAN scheme was also incorporated.
Modi emphasized that the government was working for small farmers. Farmers have claims worth Rs 90,000 crore under PMFBY (PM Fasal Beema Yojana). Farmers also benefited from the Kisan credit card, the Soil Health card and Samman Nidhi.
When road connectivity improves with PM Gramin Sadak Yojna, it enables farmers’ products to reach distant places. There are also initiatives like Kisan Rail and Kisan Udan. The need of the moment is to improve the lives of small farmers, said the Prime Minister. “Why shouldn’t they have the same freedom as the dairy sector to work with the private or cooperative sector?” he said.
Modi said that the problems of agriculture must be solved and it is necessary to work to achieve it. On MSP, the Prime Minister reiterated, “MSP is there, MSP was there. MSP will remain in the future. The affordable ration for the poor will continue. Mandis will be modernized. ”
He said it was necessary to overcome political calculations for the well-being of farmers. He warned against forces trying to destabilize the country. He said that India is very proud of the contribution of Sikhs. “This is a community that has done a lot for the nation. The words and blessings of the Guru Sahibs are precious. ”
The Prime Minister also insisted that attempts should be made to bridge the gap between urban and rural areas. The Prime Minister underscored the importance of youth power, saying that efforts to empower youth will pay big dividends for the country’s bright future.

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