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‘Madagascar wants to deepen defense relations with India’ | India News


Complementing India’s efforts to expand its presence in the western Indian Ocean, a region of increasing strategic importance to global powers, the island nation of Madagascar is advocating for stronger defense ties with India, saying the latter provides a security umbrella for the countries of the region. Visiting Defense of Madagascar Minister Richard Rakotonirin He says Sachin Parashar His country wants to capitalize on India through joint military exercises, capacity building and the establishment of a traffic light system on the coast for white shipping. Excerpts from the interview:
Could you tell us a bit about the importance of Madagascar’s participation in the IOR conclave organized by India?
This visit is a response to the invitation from the Government of India to visit Aero India Expo and was also an occasion to participate in the Indian Ocean Region Defense Ministers’ Conclave organized by the Indian Ministry of Defense. The objective of this conclave was to harmonize the views of the defense ministers of the neighboring IOR countries, to see together how to consolidate cooperation in the Indian Ocean, whether in the defense sector or in the humanitarian economy, the blue economy, in prosperity.
What role do you think India plays in the Indian Ocean region, more specifically in the western Indian Ocean?
India is a key player in the Indian Ocean. First of all because it is a superpower in terms of demographics, in terms of economy and military power. India is a leader in terms of regional security and economic cooperation, whether bilateral or multilateral, in the field of culture. India is now a member of the United Nations Security Council and therefore represents the countries of the south. We cannot ignore that India is among the founding members of the Non-Aligned Movement.
India and Madagascar had signed a memorandum of understanding for defense cooperation. What are your expectations of India in terms of defense cooperation?
For the countries of the Indian Ocean, India represents an umbrella of security that maintains peace and prosperity in the area. In fact, a memorandum of understanding was previously signed between India and Madagascar. We would like to deepen defense cooperation, specifically in the maritime sector, by transferring expertise from India to the Madagascar National Navy. We want to consolidate defense cooperation by establishing a traffic light system off the coast of Madagascar through white shipping (agreement). All of this requires the creation of a joint Malagasy-Indian commission. Madagascar especially hopes (to win) from India through capacity development, through joint military exercises. India is a maritime superpower in the region, its presence is essential for the serenity of this region.

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