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Kisan unions do not respond to government proposals: Goyal | India News


Kisan unions do not respond to government proposals: Goyal | India News

Piyush Goyal (File photo)

NEW DELHI: Consumer Affairs Minister Piyush Goyal said on Sunday that the Center was ready to engage with farmers’ unions, but added that representatives were not responding to proposals to fix the problems, if any, with agricultural laws.
“The prime minister (Narendra Modi) has said that the government is a phone call away but that someone has to call to speak or move on. If farmers have any objections to the laws, please let us know and the government is willing to address that, ”the minister said, adding that the central government had proposed suspending implementation of the laws for 18 months to address the concerns.
While he condemned the incidents of certain protesters on Republic Day, he said that some farmers had been misled on some issues. In addition, he said that the laws were for farmers across the country, and that a large number of them owned small properties. “The farmers have been confused and the government has proposed to clear the confusion. We have offered option after option to address your concerns. But when I heard in the media ‘tareekh par tareekh’, which is actually wrong, it must be said that the Center has put forward proposal after proposal, “said Goyal, a key member of the negotiating team.
He added that the new farm laws had been introduced to boost income levels and had been well received across the country.
Goyal, who also has the rail portfolio, said the date for the launch of the bullet train from Mumbai to Ahmedabad would be finalized after the government of Maharashtra, which has been slow in acquiring land, moves forward with the most crucial aspect. high profile. draft.
“The bullet train is delayed due to the virtual interruption of land acquisition in Maharashtra. The prime minister had also pointed this out during a Pragati meeting (with senior state and central government officials). Gujarat has made almost 90% of the land available, while Maharashtra has not made even a third. We had to start with the Gujarat part of the project and tenders are being awarded now, ”he said.
Goyal said the announcements in the budget had seen a massive allocation of capital expenditures by the railways to more than 2.1 crore lakhs, from Rs 40,000 to 45,000 crore a few years ago, which will boost demand in other sectors. .


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