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Farmers protest: Maharashtra government orders investigation of celebrity tweets India News


NEW DELHI: The Maharashtra government has ordered an investigation into the series of tweets posted by many celebrities and athletes after the large amount of international support for the farmers’ protest.
Congressional Leader Sachin Sawant has said there is a “scope” for BJP to be behind these celebrities’ tweets.

“There were a number of tweets after MEA’s response to Rihanna’s tweet. If one person has their own say, that’s fine, but there is a margin of suspicion that BJP could be behind this,” Sawant said.
He said he has spoken with Maharashtra Interior Minister Anil Deshmukh and has said that Deshmukh has given orders to the Intelligence department to investigate the matter.
Many celebrities, from Sachin Tendulkar to Ajay Devgn, tweeted after MEA criticized that “vested interest groups” had been trying to “mobilize international support against India” and that “the temptation of tabloid hashtags and social media comments , especially when they turn to celebrities and others, it is not accurate or responsible. ”

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