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China accuses India of creating disputes, sparking border tensions | India News


BEIJING: China on Monday accused India of creating “disputes and frictions” and claimed that this is the “root cause of the tensions on the China-India border.”
Responding to a question about the statements of the Minister of State for State Transport and Highways of the Union, VK Singh, that India has transgressed more times than China along the Line of Royal Control (LAC), the spokesman for the Ministry of China’s Foreign Relations Wang Wenbin said it is necessary to follow the agreements and uphold peace and stability in the border region.
“This is an involuntary confession by the Indian side. For a long time, the Indian side has carried out frequent acts of trespassing in the border area in an attempt to invade the territory of China and has constantly created disputes and frictions, which is the root cause of the tensions on the border between China and India. We urge the Indian side to abide by the consensus, agreements and treaties it reached with China, and defend peace and stability in the border region with concrete actions, “he said. .
Singh had told the media in Madurai that the border with China had never been demarcated.
He said that China had transgressed many times over the years with its own perception of LAC and has been trying to expand its area by taking advantage of its perception.
“Let me assure you that if China has transgressed 10 times, we must have done so at least 50 times,” he had said.
Foreign Ministry spokesman Anurag Srivastava had said last week that India and China have had a “sincere and in-depth exchange of views” on the disconnection along the Royal Line of Control (LAC) in eastern Ladakh and the next round of the senior commanders meeting. will take place soon.
He said that India’s goal is to ensure complete disconnection of all areas of friction throughout LAC.
“Both sides had a sincere and in-depth exchange of views on the disconnection throughout LAC in the western sector of the China-India border areas. We have agreed to hold the next round of the senior commanders meeting at an early date. “Srivastava said.
India and China are at a standstill in eastern Ladakh throughout LAC, following aggressive actions by the Chinese military. The two sides have held nine rounds of commander-level talks. Twenty Indian soldiers gave their lives and an unknown number of Chinese soldiers died during a clash in the Galwan Valley in June last year.

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