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The APNI party will likely dominate the DDCs in Kashmir, while the councils will be led by the BJP in the Jammu division in J&K | India News


SRINAGAR: Altaf Bukhari’s Apni Party is more likely to dominate the majority of the ten district development councils in the Kashmir Valley, reducing the political space of the Gupkar Alliance constituents from major regional parties like the Conference Nacional and the PDP as they have already spearheaded the Srinagar and shopian DDCs.
While CPI (M) curiously, headed by Kulgam, highly infested with terrorists, courtesy of the Gupkar Alliance. However, it is likely that the majority of the DDCs in the Jammu division of the union territory along the expected lines are headed by members of the BJP.
AP President Altaf Bukhari, who is considered the man of the center in the Kashmir Valley, told TOI that the new group of political beings heading Srinagar and the DDC shopian have no association with traditional politics, they are all young boys.
“This is the beginning of real democracy and the politics of truth in UT. We will follow people’s problems until the end, whatever happens, ”he said.
The Apni Party candidate Aftab Malik became the first president of DDC Srinagar as he got 10 votes while Malik’s rival only got three votes. While the AP’s Bilal Ahmad was elected vice president as he got nine votes, while his rival from the People’s Democratic Party (PDP), Manzoor Ahmad Bhat, got just four votes. Interestingly, the only member of the BJP Srinagar DDC, Ajaz Hussian, supported the AP candidate for the presidency.
Srinagar DDC had seven independents, NC has one member while JKAP had three members, BJP one, PDP one and JKPM one each. However, the independents were merged into Altaf’s JKAP party and the elected head of the Srinagar DDC on Saturday with the support of BJP and a councilor.
The AP also won the positions of president and vice president in the shopian DDC. AP’s Bilqees Akhtar got eight votes, while his rival Alliance member Gupkar candidate got six votes. The position of vice president was decided by lottery as there was a tie. The vice president position was also won by JKAP. Watch’s Bilqees Akhter, who won the Zainapora-1 bloc DDC elections, will be the first president of Shopian, while Irfan Manhas will be the vice president. Both PAGD and AP had the support of seven DDC members each, however one of the PAGD members voted in favor of the Apni Party. In the Shopian of the 14 seats, four seats each were filled by candidates from the National Conference (NC) and Independents, while the PDP, JKAP and Congress secured three, two and one seat respectively.
However, later, three out of four independent candidates and one from NC and Congress joined the Apni Party while one independent candidate joined NC.
The president and vice president elections in the Shopian district of South Kashmir have made more of a dent in the Gupkar alliance, a six-party amalgamation after Sajad Lone’s popular conference exit from the amalgam a few weeks ago.
The CPI (M) candidate in kulgam DDC was unanimously elected as the first president of the District Development Council (DDC) of the Kulgam district, while the National Conference (NC) held the positions of vice president and president of the Municipal Council of the DDC as expected. CPI (M) candidate Mohammad Afzal, who is also CPI (M) district secretary and had won the DDC elections on the Pombai seat, was unanimously elected as the first DDC president of Kulgam. He was supported by all 13 candidates. North Carolina candidate Shazia Poswal, who won the DDC elections from the Manzgam seat, was also unanimously elected as vice president. In Kulgam, NC and CPI (M) won five seats and two for Congress and the PDP.
As expected, the BJP assumed the chairmanship of the two Jammu and Kathua District Development Councils (DDC), whose elections were held in the first of four phases. Member of BJP DDC from Bhalwal and former MLA from Raipur Domana Bharat Bushan was elected unopposed as chairman of Jammu’s first district DDC, which has been reserved for scheduled castes by the State Elections Commission. Suraj Singh, a member of Khour’s DDC, was elected unopposed as Vice President of Jammu DDC. Interestingly, Suchetgarh’s independent DDC member Taranjit Singh Tony, a well-known critic of BJP, proposed the names of Bharat Bushan and Suraj Singh for the position of President and Vice President.
The BJP with a majority of 11 out of 14 members in Jammu DDC with two independents including Tony and a BJP rebel from Marh and a female National Conference member, who had won from the Dansal ST women’s reserved seat, would surely lead the way. advice.
In Kathua, Colonel (retired) Maan Singh and Raghunandan Singh Babloo were elected unopposed as Chairman and Vice Chairman of the District Development Council.
The BJP has 13 of the 14 seats in Kathua DDC. The member of the Solitary Opposition is from the Bahujan Samaj Party (BSP).

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