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Rakesh Tikait calls on farmers for a “tractor revolution” | India News


GHAZIABAD: Peasant leader Rakesh Tikait on Saturday called on peasants across the country to join the “tractor revolution” as part of ongoing protests on the Delhi borders against the new agricultural laws introduced by the Center.
During a speech to supporters at the Ghazipur protest site, Tikait reached out to the farming community, many of whom, especially in the Delhi-NCR region, are upset by the National Green Court’s ban on diesel vehicles, including tractors, which are over 10 years old. old.
“Tractors running on farms will now also work at NGT’s Delhi office. Until recently, they hadn’t asked which vehicles are 10 years old. What’s your plan? Eliminate tractors over 10 years old and help companies? But tractors older than 10 years will also work and the movement (for the repeal of the new agricultural laws) will also get stronger, “Tikait, 51, told the cheering crowd.
He said that more and more farmers across the country will participate in the current farmers’ movement for the repeal of contentious laws. Recently, 20,000 tractors were in Delhi and the next goal is to bring that number to 40 lakh, Tikait said.
He also asked tractor owners to attach their vehicles to the ‘kraanti tractor’ (tractor revolution).
“Write ‘Tractor Kranti 2021, Jan 26’ on your tractors. Wherever you go, you will be respected. We have a target of 40 lakh tractors,” he said.
The leader of the Bharatiya Kisan Union (BKU), whose emotional appeal had recently revived the protest that was losing momentum after the January 26 violence in Delhi, also called on villagers to carry a handful of land from their farmland. to the sites of unrest and recover a similar amount of ‘mitti’ of the revolution from the sites of protest.
“Go and spread this revolutionary soil on your farmland and traders will never look at your farmland (to usurp it),” Tikait said.
He urged supporters to keep up the momentum and asked them to be prepared to reach the protest sites, as the unrest at the Ghazipur, Tikri and Singhu border points in Delhi could last until October.
“Be prepared in the villages, every time a call is made, come to the protest the way the youth (of Haryana and Uttar Pradesh) have (after the January 26 episode),” he said.
Ghazipur has previously witnessed the influence of Tikait on the farming community in northern India when hundreds of people, including women and children, from villages in Uttar Pradesh, Haryana, Rajasthan and Uttarakhand arrived here with water and homemade food in the house of the BKU leader. call.
Tikait had placed an order for water and food from the villages after local authorities cut off the water supply at the protest site in the wake of the January 26 violence.

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