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In the midst of the confrontation, great impulse for the surveillance of LAC | India News


In the midst of the confrontation, great impulse for the surveillance of LAC | India News

IAF fighter jet seen flying in the background of the snow-covered mountain in Leh (ANI Photo)

NEW DELHI: India is to undertake a major surveillance capabilities upgrade along the northern borders with China through a variety of drones, sensors, reconnaissance and electronic warfare equipment to monitor the People’s Liberation Army (PLA). ) in real time and strengthen measures to detect intrusions.
The military standoff in eastern Ladakh since May last year, along with the continued construction of PLA infrastructure in other areas as well, has prompted the defense establishment to plan the renewal of the entire intelligence gathering and surveillance mechanism throughout along the Line of Royal Control. (LACQUER).
“The LAC cannot be continuously manned like the 778 km line of control (LoC) with Pakistan. Therefore, the urgent need to increase existing surveillance capabilities for gap-free coverage and real-time information throughout throughout the LAC, “said a source from the defense ministry.
Acquisition and induction plans range from mini-drones for high-altitude areas and ultra-long-range surveillance cameras to remotely piloted MALE (medium altitude long duration) and HALE (high altitude long endurance) aircraft systems, he said. sources from the Ministry of Defense.
There is also a project underway simultaneously to lease three to four Heron UAVs (Unmanned Aerial Vehicles) enabled for satellite communications from Israel through an intergovernmental agreement for the Army, in addition to the acquisition of additional Harop kamikaze attack drones for the IAF.
The DRDO, in turn, has almost finished developing a Border Observation and Surveillance System (BOSS), with a well-integrated multi-sensor system, for both manned and unmanned areas of LAC, the sources said.
The Army also signed a 140 million rupee deal with an Indian company last month for advanced versions of “Switch” drones, which are small enough to be used by infantrymen and special forces deployed in high-altitude areas such as Ladakh.
“Induction of such drones for surveillance at the tactical level will give a clear operational picture to battalion commanders and troops on the ground,” said a source.
Officials say the way China has continued to create new military infrastructure and strengthen PLA positions across LAC, from eastern Ladakh to Arunachal Pradesh, points to the prospect of “a hot summer” again this year.


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