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Farmers Protest: BJP Strengthens Secondary Channel Efforts to Put Out Fire | India News


NEW DELHI: On Saturday, the BJP appeared to be building confidence in what it considered a “bad response” to the call from farmers’ unions for chakka jam and is likely to intensify the persuasion campaign to win over farmers.
“The chakka jam was not presented, except in areas of Punjab and Haryana, which was the only thing expected. Obviously, there were some photographs taken by professional agitators, but the farmers ignored the call to stop the traffic throughout the country. We are encouraged to redouble efforts to isolate farmers from professional agitators, “said a senior BJP member who preferred anonymity.
BJP officials also emphasized what they called popular indifference to efforts to engineer disruptions. “In how many places have farmers protested in UP, Bihar, West Bengal, Maharashtra, the most populous states in the country,” asked a party member.
Sources felt that many protesters on the Delhi borders are also upset with the opposition taking over their agitation, though they are reluctant to say so openly due to fear from union leaders.
Although BKU’s Rakesh Tikait misled them by calling for an escalation of protests after negotiating his “arrest” with the UP government, BJP has since stepped up side channel efforts to resolve the issue. They have emphasized that the government is willing to offer concessions without altering the “soul” of the three laws. They have been aggressive in highlighting the “double talk” of opposition parties that in the past had repeatedly advocated legislation similar to the three enacted last year.
Citing a 2010 tweet from Congressman Shashi Tharoor supporting the role of private actors in grain storage, Union Minister Prakash Javadekar reiterated on Saturday the party’s accusation that most opposition parties have supported the same laws and that his current opposition is politically motivated. “Another exposure of the hypocrisy of Congress on #FarmLaws. Here’s a tweet from @ShashiTharoor in 2010 … And now #Congress thinks the exact opposite,” he tweeted.

On January 23, 2010, Tharoor tweeted: “Looks like we waste more wheat every year in storage and distribution losses than Australia grows! Real need for private sector to move into grain storage.” Those in charge of social media supporting the BJP have also shared several videos of members of Congress such as former Prime Minister Manmohan Singh, Sonia Gandhi and Rahul Gandhi, when they strongly advocated for the elimination of “arhtiyas” (intermediaries) in the purchase. of grain to farmers.
Delving into Tharoor’s tweet, BJP spokesperson and Rajya Sabha MP Sudhanshu Trivedi shared opening lines of a famous Hindi song: “Iss sounded badalati duniya mein, insaan ki niyat theek nahi, jhaanko a zara gireban mein, Imaan ki niyat theek nahi “.
Agriculture Minister Narendra Singh Tomar vigorously defended the three agricultural laws in Rajya Sabha on Friday, challenging the opposition to find fault with the statutes. As part of efforts to reach out to farmers, the party unit in Uttar Pradesh, including Union Minister Sanjeev Balyan and UP Minister Suresh Rana, have reached out to their fellow Jats in western UP, who They are the mainstay of the Tikait BKU.
“We are also in contact with perhaps some of whom are said to have extended their support for the unrest,” said one member, adding that except for fear of public order issues, there is no perceptible sentiment on a large scale. against the laws.

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