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India is developing 7 more vaccines against Covid, says Harsh Vardhan | India News


KOLKATA: Union Health Minister Harsh Vardhan said on Saturday that the country is developing seven more Covid-19 vaccines and is also working on further development of vaccines to vaccinate all Indians.
He said the Center does not have an immediate plan to make the vaccines available on the open market and a decision will be made as the situation requires.
The Covid-9 inoculation process for people over 50 will start in March, he told reporters.
“We do not depend only on the two vaccines, since the country is working on seven more indigenous vaccines.
“At the same time, we are also working on developing more vaccines because India is a huge country and we need more actors and research to reach everyone,” he said.
Three of the vaccines are in the testing phase, two in the preclinical phase, one in phase 1 and the other in phase 2, said the Union’s Health Minister.
“The Covid-19 inoculation process for people over 50 will begin next month,” he said.
“Currently, Covid-19 vaccines are being administered urgently, under full observation and in a controlled manner. If the vaccines are released to the free market, there will be no control over them. The decision will be made as the situation demands,” added.

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