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Call from SC pushes jail to release Faruqui 36 hours after bail order | India News


INDORE: Thirty-six hours after the Supreme Court’s order Friday morning to release comedian Munawar Faruqui on provisional bail, and after dragging his feet throughout Saturday, jail authorities finally let him out around from 11 pm.
Indore Central Jail Superintendent Rakesh Bhangare, who had said all night that they couldn’t release Munawar until they got a certified copy of SC’s suspension on their production order in a Prayagraj case, finally confirmed his release. after midnight.
“We received a call from the Supreme Court telling us that the order is uploaded on the website. They told us to review the order and release Faruqui,” he said, adding that Munawar left the prison “in the vehicle of an SP of the city ​​around 11:00 pm “. He had CCTV footage to prove it, he said.
The mediators who remained at the main gates of the jail until 12:30 a.m. had not seen any such vehicle, leading to speculation that it may have been taken through another door.

Call from SC pushes jail to release Faruqui 36 hours after bail order | India News

Earlier in the night, jail officials had said that Faruqui could be “transferred to UP”, as there was a production order for him in the Prayagraj case, even though SC had suspended the order.
“Faruqui has been released by an Indore court in the local case. But we have a production order issued by a Prayagraj court, asking us to file there before February 18. We have not officially received any order suspending the order. “, Indore Central Jail Superintendent Rakesh Bhangre said.
On Saturday, his lawyers presented a certified copy of SC’s bail order in the court of Chief Judge Aman Singh Bhuria around 1pm. They provided bail, obtained the release order in the post-lunch session, and headed to the prison with her, only to crash into a wall.
The administration’s decision to block the comedian’s release had left his lawyers baffled and his family members, who were on vigil outside the prison, on edge. They spent all of Saturday waiting for the prison doors to open and for Faruqui, who was arrested on New Year’s Day on charges of hurting religious sentiments, to leave.
Top defender Vivek Tankha, who represented Faruqui for bail at MP HC, told TOI: “The jailer cannot do that (withhold release) once the SC has suspended the production order. The registered defender can inform SC and start the contempt procedure against the jailer and the authorities. All those people should be punished for not respecting the order of SC “.
Former Deputy General Counsel Abhinav Dhanodkar said: “Once SC has suspended all production orders while posting provisional bond, the jailer has no authority to immobilize the defendant. You cannot deny your release. This is because the right to life and liberty is a fundamental right enshrined in the Constitution. “Attorney Sourav Kripal, who had defended Munawar’s release on bail in South Carolina, said:” The jailer did not He has the authority to do this. He is nobody to sit on an SC order. ”
When asked if it was a matter of contempt, Kripal said: “I am not aware of the whole thing. I dedicated myself to discussing the case before SC. His lawyers will look into it. ”
“Our family is hurt,” Faruqui’s cousin Zaid Pathan said Saturday, as the wait at the prison gates dragged on. “He has spent 35 days in prison. You can understand what the family is going through. He had to fight until SC to get the justice he deserved. It hurts us that the prison authorities refuse to release him. ”
“People’s trust, our trust, in the court system had been strengthened after the SC order,” he said, adding that the family was waiting for the lawyers to decide the next course of action.

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