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25 Countries Queued for Covid-19 Vaccine ‘Made in India’, Says Jaishankar | India News


AMARAVATI: India has so far supplied the Covid-19 vaccine to 15 countries and another 25 nations are in line at different levels for the jab, Foreign Minister S Jaishankar said on Saturday.
He said there are three categories of countries that want to get the vaccine from India: poor, price-sensitive nations and other countries that deal directly with the drug companies that make the antidote.
“I think right now we have already supplied about 15 countries (to my recollection).
I would say there are 25 other countries that are at different stages of the process. But what he has done today is put India on the world map, “Jaishankar told reporters at a press conference.
The minister said some poor countries are being supplied with the vaccine as a subsidy, while some nations wanted it on par with the price the Indian government pays to vaccine manufacturers.
Some countries have direct contracts with Indian vaccine companies and have negotiated commercially, he said.
The Center has already given the go-ahead for two Covid-19 vaccines: Covaxin from Bharat Biotech and Covishield of Oxford, manufactured by the Serum Institute of India in Pune, to be administered to frontline workers starting January 16, under Emergency Authorization for use.
Drug maker Dr. Reddys recently said that it will approach the US Drug Regulator for the Russian Sputnik V vaccine in March.
Jaishankar said that Prime Minister Narendra Modis’ idea was to establish the country as the “Pharmacy of the world”, taking advantage of national capabilities and the way India emerged as an IT leader during the Y2K edition.

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