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Protests limited to one state; instigated farmers, says Narendra Tomar | India News

NEW DELHI: Union agriculture minister Narendra Tomar said on Friday that farmers “are being misled” that their land would be taken due to new agricultural laws.
“Farmers are being misled that others would occupy their land if these laws are implemented. Let me know if there is a single provision in the contract farming law that allows any trader to take the land from any farmer, Tomar said, during the discussion. in Rajya Sabha.
Tomar further said that farmers are being instigated and that protests against the three laws are “limited to one state.”
The minister said the government has shown respect for and engaged in discussions with farmers’ advocates, but that the government’s willingness to amend “should not be construed” as having flaws in farm laws.
“We have not said a single word defaming the farmers,” Tomar said of allegations that the government and its supporters have been defaming the farmers.

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