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Greta Thunberg News: Canada-Based Pro-Khalistani Group Accused of Organizing Twitter Toolkit | India News

NEW DELHI: Preliminary investigation into the source of the PowerPoint toolkit that celebrity environmental activist Greta Thunberg accidentally tweeted suggests that it was crafted by a pro-Khalistan organization based in Canada.
High-level government sources said the kit, intended to harm India’s interests, was prepared by “Peace for Justice,” a body co-founded by a self-proclaimed Khalistan supporter, Mo Dhaliwal, who is based in Vancouver, Canada. .
The PowerPoint presentation detailed the list of tasks directed against India. Some of the heads mentioned in the toolkit were “altering the image of ‘yoga and chai’ of India in general”, “unified global alteration in the diaspora on January 26” and “repeal of agricultural laws”. Thunberg had removed the post, but not before many in India took screenshots of his post, which soon went viral.
“Documents mistakenly shared by Greta show how tweets from Rihanna and others were not organic and were part of a larger campaign to smear India. This makes it important to see all statements / tweets from such important people on India and abroad in the context of the planned and pre-written campaign, “said a senior government official who insisted on remaining anonymous. He cited the investigation launched by Delhi police into the origin of the toolkit that the BJP on Thursday called a “school game of anarchy.”

Greta Thunberg News: Canada-Based Pro-Khalistani Group Accused of Organizing Twitter Toolkit | India News

Union Minister VK Singh claimed in a Facebook post that Thunberg’s deleted tweet had revealed the actual designs of an international conspiracy against India.
“The parties that pull the strings of this evil machinery need to be investigated. Instructions on the ‘how’, the ‘when’ and the ‘what’ were clearly laid out. Conspiracies on this scale are often exposed and ultimately For instance, it took a hasty tweet from Greta, who along with other international celebrities suddenly became sensitive to the problems of farmers, “Singh said.
“The toolbox tweeted by Thunberg in support of the farmers’ protest was, in fact, a school box of anarchy. They (foreign personalities) have nothing to do with these laws, they just want to create a situation of anarchy and problems in the country. “BJP spokesman Gaurav Bhatia said.
The toolbox, with ‘Will you be part of the largest protest in human history?’ as a headline on its cover, it has taglines like ‘#AskIndiaWhy’ and ‘Global Farmers Strike – First Wave’. The strap of the page reads: “Dealing with the failed democracy of India (at the behest of the ruling fascist party, RSS-BJP)” and “Dealing with the unregulated corporatization of the agricultural sector.”
One official said the toolkit also had a plan to carry out “India’s evil campaign” even if the government repealed the laws. “This shows how sinister the whole campaign was,” he added.
Activists had suggested observing the “global day of action” on January 26, with a unified and coherent message that could easily be repeated by the mainstream media and the general public. “Messages should be ‘perennial’ to focus on protests, but remain relevant even if laws are repealed,” he suggested.
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