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Cruelty to animals could soon attract a fine of Rs 75,000 and a 5-year jail | India News


NEW DELHI: Anyone who hurts or kills animals can no longer escape by paying a fine of Rs 50. The government has prepared a draft to amend the 60-year-old Prevention of Cruelty to Animals Act, proposing a penalty of up to 75,000 rupees or three times the cost of the animal with a prison term of up to five years or both. if an act of an individual or organization leads to the death of an animal.
The draft has proposed crimes in three categories: minor injuries, serious injuries resulting in permanent disability, and death of an animal due to cruel practices, and prescribes different penalties ranging from Rs 750 to Rs 75,000 and jail terms of up to five years for different crimes. .
Existing law stipulates a penalty of Rs 10 to Rs 50 for any act of cruelty such as hitting, kicking, torturing, starving, burdening, mutilating and mutilating an animal. It does not have different categories of cruelty crimes. Animal in Law is defined as any living creature that is not a human being.
In a written response to a question from Parliament in Rajya Sabha on Friday, Fisheries, Livestock and Dairy Minister Giriraj Singh said: “The government has recognized the need to amend the 1960 PCA by introducing more stringent sanctions. The draft amendment drawn up includes increased monetary penalties and punishment provisions. ”
The minister, however, did not give details, including monetary sanctions and the amount of the punishment. The question was asked by Rajya Sabha member Rajeev Chandrasekhar while referring to a case in Kerala where an elephant was suspected of having consumed a pineapple full of powerful firecrackers that exploded in its mouth and led to its death, in the Silent Valley forest last year.
Sources said the draft amendment also provides for animal cruelty crimes to be recognizable and the state animal welfare board to be a legal body.
“It is a work in progress. The draft will be published in the public domain, seeking comments from interested parties, including the general public and experts. It will be finalized only after analyzing the comments,” said an official. In response to a different question from Parliament, the government told the upper house that 316 cases related to cruelty to animals were pending in various courts across the country. 64 of those cases were pending in the Supreme Court, while 38 were pending in the Delhi High Court.
Among the states / UT, the highest number of cases was recorded in Tamil Nadu (52) followed by Maharashtra (43), Kerala (15), Karnataka (14), Telangana (13) and Rajasthan (12). A total of 199 of the 316 cases related to cruelty to animals were pending for more than five years.

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