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Covid Vaccination: Only 8,500 of the 44 lakh who received lakh reported adverse events | India News


Covid Vaccination: Only 8,500 of the 44 lakh who received lakh reported adverse events | India News

A policeman receives a dose of COVISHIELD, a COVID-19 vaccine manufactured by the Serum Institute of India, at a vaccination center in Ahmedabad (Reuters)

NEW DELHI: More than 97% of people who received the Covid-19 vaccine and gave feedback expressed satisfaction about the overall experience, while 11% said they were not informed about adverse events after vaccination. Of those vaccinated, the government contacted 37 lakh for comment on the vaccine experience, of which 5.12,128 people responded.
The data received from the respondents shows that 97.4% said that there was adequate social distancing in the booths, 98.4% had been informed about the process, 97.1% were asked to wait 30 minutes after the vaccination and 97.4% were satisfied with the experience.
So far, 8,563 AEFI have been reported, representing 0.2% of vaccinated people, while 34 people have required hospitalization.
“There is a structured and robust AEFI system in the country that has been further strengthened in light of Covid,” said Health Secretary Rajesh Bhushan. There have also been 19 deaths after vaccination, none of which have been causally linked to the injection.
Autopsies have been performed on all deaths, and state and national immunization committees are reviewing the data.
Out of more than 97 lakhs of healthcare workers, around 45% (43.7 lakhs) have been vaccinated with the first dose of the Covid-19 vaccine so far. The second dose will be administered from February 13, the government said.
The government also expects around 50% of healthcare workers to be covered for vaccination by Friday. Bhushan said there are currently vaccines in 5,912 public and 1,239 private facilities, adding that comments had been received from vaccine recipients through the Co-WIN system.


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