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BJP Targets Punjab Meeting, Says No Fuss About Farmers | India News

BJP Targets Punjab Meeting, Says No Fuss About Farmers | India News

Women farmers shout slogans during an ongoing farmers’ protest against new farm laws on the Singhu border in New Delhi on Thursday. (ANI photo)

NEW DELHI: After an all-party meeting called by Punjab Prime Minister Amarinder Singh demanded the restoration of the role of ‘arhatiyas’ (middlemen) in buying grain from farmers, the BJP said on Wednesday that the additional demand presented by the opposition parties justified their They claim that the ongoing agitation has nothing to do with ordinary farmers, but to safeguard the interests of the “intermediaries” who, it claims, are the main sponsors of the turmoil on the borders of the national capital.
The head of the BJP TI cell, Amit Malviya, said that the true conclusion of the all-party meeting (boycotted by BJP and AAP) came in the fifth demand for trade through arhatiyas.
“It clearly indicates that the so-called farmer agitation is not about protecting the interests of the farmers, but the interests of the arhatiyas, the middlemen,” Malviya said.
After the all-party meeting in Chandigarh on Tuesday, the Punjab CM had shared a list of eight demands, which included the repeal of the three agricultural laws and the continuation of acquisitions through arhatiyas by the government to through the FCI and other agencies.
Since protests against the three farm laws began, top BJP leaders have stressed that the laws have no place for middlemen, who have been consuming farmers’ profits for decades.


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