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BJP has created a feeling of fear over the agitation of farmers: Bratya Basu | India News

CALCUTTA: The BJP government has created a feeling of fear and intimidation in the Center by the agitation of farmers and it seems that many celebrities are being “forced” to tweet against the movement at “gunpoint”, said the Bengal minister Occidental, Bratya Basu, on Friday.
Basu, a prominent stage and screen personality as well as being a director and playwright, said identical words and phrases have been shared in the tweets of some celebrities poking fun at farmers’ agitation against the Center’s new farm laws.
“It appears that these tweets were extracted at gunpoint,” he said.
Comments from international celebrities Rihanna and Greta Thunberg on the microblogging site show that the upheaval has also created ripples outside the country, Basu said.
He condemned the trolling of actress Taapsee Pannu for her support and solidarity with the farmers’ movement. The trolling shows how “fear and persecution” pervades the country now.
Drawing parallels with other states in the country, he said: “Despite so much criticism, ridicule from our Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee, despite so many unfair, rude and personal comments against her and the TMC, democracy prevails in West Bengal.
“We are not a regime that will jail dozens of activists like Varvara Rao for speaking out against the establishment. Our government is not vindictive like the BJP,” he reiterated.
Basu criticized TMC traitors who went to Delhi recently on a chartered flight to join BJP and wondered if the saffron party attached any importance to its local leaders.
“This indicates that the central leadership in Delhi controls everything in the BJP and does not recognize the role of state leaders. This is an insult.”
On the contrary, the local leaders of the Trinamool Congress bring people from different fields into the party. “This is because we attach importance and respect to our local leaders as well as state leaders,” he said.
He said the entry of several actors from Tollygunj’s film industry on TMC showed that “not all have sold themselves to the lure of chartered flights.” Some players in the Bengali film industry who are considering joining BJP should think again, although it is a matter of individual choice.
When asked to comment on BJP’s plans to hold a statewide Rathyatra linked to the polls, Basu said TMC has nothing to say on the matter.
“But people know that the BJP Rathyatra will be deprived of Sri Chaitanya’s ideology. It will not promote love among the people, but only hatred and division.”
Basu said that the ‘Duare Sarkar’ (government at the door) program has attracted large participation from the people. 2.7 crore have already visited the camps and 77 percent of them have enrolled in the outreach program to take advantage of 12 government CCT schemes.
“The opposition is only spreading hoaxes about the campaign,” he added.
Veteran actor Dipankar Dey, who has appeared in films by Satyajit Ray, Mrinal Sen, and Tapan Sinha in the past joined TMC for the day in Basu’s presence.
Critically acclaimed actor Bharat Kaul and musician Saona Khan also joined the party.

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