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Thank you railways! Nazia did not miss her exam | India News


NE Railway da train Nazia took Varanasi from Mau a clear path after his brother tweeted about the delay due to foggy conditions
The Northeast Railway stopped all its other services on the Mau-Varanasi stretch in eastern Uttar Pradesh on Wednesday morning to make sure a 26-year-old woman made it to her exam room on time.
The railroad’s proactive approach, which is being hailed as the spirit of public service that should imbue all its actions, was sparked by a tweet from the woman’s brother to Railway Seva, the Indian Railway complaints cell.
Surprisingly, the Varanasi division of the North-Eastern Railway did not violate a single service rule while giving the train the right of way. The train took 45 minutes less than the more than three hours it takes to cover the distance between Mau and Varanasi, giving the woman enough time to rush to her exam center.
Nazia Tabassum, a resident of Ghazipur in UP, was scheduled to take her Basic Teacher Certificate (BTC) exam in Varanasi at noon on Wednesday. She and one of her younger brothers had a ticket for the Chhapra-Varanasi long distance special. The train, according to the schedule, arrives in Mau at 6.25 am and arrives in Varanasi at 9.45 am. That would have given Nazia a window of about two hours to get to her exam center at Vallabh Vidyapeeth Balika Inter College and, perhaps, one last checkup.

Thank you railways! Nazia did not miss her exam | India News

But then we all know that old saying about well-laid plans.
Wednesday’s train was delayed for two and a half hours due to heavy fog. There was no way Nazia had made it to the exam. It was then that her brother Anwar Jamal, who was at home, tweeted requesting the intervention of the railway to make sure that his sister did not miss the exam. The tweet worked: the entire Varanasi division jumped into action to ensure that all other trains on the Mau-Varanasi single track section gave way to the train Nazia was traveling on.
The conductor and the train guard were informed about the “emergency”. All traffic controllers were asked to keep the line clear. The train had four scheduled stops between Mau and Varanasi. He made all his scheduled stops. But station managers at all other stations were told to put other trains on loop lines so that the Chhapra-Varanasi train would not be delayed any further.
The train arrived in Mau at 9.18 am. If the train had taken its usual time to cover the distance to its destination, it would have reached Varanasi after noon. But because a network of railway officials and technical personnel cleared its way, the train arrived in Varanasi shortly after 11 a.m., managing to cut 45 minutes from the time it normally takes to cover the 90 km between Mau and Varanasi.
Ashok Kumar, a public relations officer for the Varanasi Northeast Railways Division, said the railways were happy to help Nazia. “The student’s problem was resolved as soon as the information was received. Taking into account all the rules and regulations, the train Nazia was traveling on had a clear line to make sure she got to the exam room on time, ”he said.
At the time of writing this story, Nazia was back home from Varanasi. He sent us a video thanking the railroads profusely. His brother Anwar also tweeted his gratitude to the railways. The test, he told this correspondent, went well.

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